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Victor Calderón

Mexican President-Elect Lopez Obrador Visits San Luis Rio Colorado

Thousands gathered on a warm, humid morning in front of a baseball stadium on the southern side of this Mexican border city to hear from the man better known by his initials, AMLO.

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The most remarkable play of this college football season may have already occurred.

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San Diego Rhino Finds A New Home In Tanzania

1 hour ago

A rhinoceros born and raised in San Diego is getting used to a new home in Tanzania. The eastern black rhino is one of about 740 of the critically endangered animals left alive, and he recently completed a 68-hour journey to Africa.

"That was quite the feat," said Beverly "Beezie" Burden who works at the African reserve managed by the Singita Grumeti Fund.

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Throughout the western U.S., water conservation is in the toilet.

And that's a good thing.

During hurricanes like Florence, many people find themselves trapped and needing rescue. Sometimes volunteers step in to help — but emergency managers say some may be creating problems of their own.

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Spirited Discussion: Arizona Highways

November 7 5:30 pm

AZ Highways: On the Road Since 1925

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