State Policy Experts Say GOP Tax Plan Has Negative Consequences

Dec 1, 2017

State policy experts say that the current GOP tax bill working its way through congress is bad for Arizona.

KAWC’s Stephanie Sanchez reports.

State policy experts said the GOP tax plan relies on tax cuts that have not proven workable at a state level.

The Arizona Center for Economic Progress director David Lujan.

“We have never seen that promised economic growth here. In fact, corporate revenue projections in a report that was just released here in Arizona a month ago is expected at the lowest since 1993 levels.," Lujan said. "In Arizona 1 in 4 children live in poverty. So we can tell from our own experience here in Arizona how tax cuts do not result in trickle down economic growth.”

A proposed repeal of the requirement that people buy health insurance also has children’s advocates concerned.

Children’s Action Alliance CEO Dana Naimark said it reverses progress to expand coverage in the state.

“So we’ve got to a point where the Marketplace has stabilized people are signing up in large numbers during open enrollment," Naimark said. "To have a proposal that would literally reverse that progress and raise premiums by double digits seems very counterproductive for the sake of Arizona families and businesses.”

Naimark said simply repealing the mandate could lead to unintended consequences for the state.