Work Stories: Border Patrol Agent Linwood Estes & the Boy with the Coin in His Stomach

Jan 16, 2014

On Arizona Edition's Work Stories, we hear from Yuma Sector Border Patrol Agent Linwood Estes.  Agent Estes is an Arizona native—born and raised in Tucson—and he began his career in the Border Patrol 4 ½ years ago.  In this installment of Work Stories, Agent Estes recalls a little boy who came to the border with a coin in his stomach…(originally aired 01/15/14).

We got a letter later on from the father thanking us. One thing he said was, "My son used to run around, pretending like he was a Navy Seal. Now, since then, he runs around pretending he's a Border Patrol agent."

This piece was featured in the January 15th Arizona Edition.  Other pieces featured in the show, as well as other Work Stories from the Border Patrol series, can be found below in the related content section.