Lake Mead

Water Contamination Could Be Causing Thyroid Disease in Southwest AZ

May 18, 2017
Lipman Herne / Northern Arizona University

A human-made chemical used to fire rockets into space, power fireworks, and open airbags in car crashes could also be the cause of numerous cases of thyroid disease in Yuma, Arizona.  For the Arizona Science Desk, Maya Springhawk Robnett reports…

AZ Conservation Deals Seek to Prevent Lake Mead Shortages

Feb 6, 2017
Andrew Cattoir / National Park Service

Water levels in Lake Mead, which stores water for Arizona, California, and Nevada, have plunged in recent years.  If levels drop below a certain point, they trigger an official shortage.  But as Maya Springhawk Robnett of the Arizona Science Desk reports, the three states are trying to avoid that…


A deal between a coalition of tribes and the Lower Colorado Region of the Bureau of Reclamation aims to address concerns over drought and water levels in the nation’s largest reservoir. The deal is also an economic boost for the tribes.

Amanda Solliday - KAWC

During the Yuma Agriculture Water Conference held Jan. 13, officials from the Arizona Department of Water Resources and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation discussed water rights and supply for Yuma agriculture.

One of the key messages of the presentation: Yuma’s agricultural water rights are not threatened.

“Because of the priority of the water here, they are very secure in the water resources coming to Yuma, even in a shortage,” said Tom Buschatzke, director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources.