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Gov. Ducey Announces $28 Million Investment for U.S. 95

Office of the Governor
Multi-Million Dollar U.S. 95 Improvements

Arizona has become one of the fastest-growing states in the nation. And to keep with that growth Governor Doug Ducey announced a plan to invest $4.6-billion dollars into Arizona's highways, bridges, and airports.

Yuma is expected to receive $28-million for improvements on U.S. 95, the main roadway leading out to Yuma Proving Ground.

A three-mile stretch of the busy highway will be increased from two lanes to five lanes, including a center turning lane. All with the goal of improving rush-hour traffic.

Ben Blink, the Governor's Policy Advisor for Transportation and Technology Innovation, said the construction will be along a three mile stretch of U.S. 95.

The City of Yuma's concern was whether the state would dip into the city's Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF). The governor, however, confirmed there's no need to worry.

The preliminary plan sets the U.S. 95 project to begin in 2020 and finish up in about three years.

This year's budget will also invest $3-million into expanding reliable high-speed internet to schools, libraries, and businesses in underserved communities.

There's an additional $10-million for grants to improve local airports on a need-basis.