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50th Anniversary Music Festival

Happy 50th Anniversary KAWC!

July 2020
Station staff and community guests will host the concert, which will be packed with interviews, surprise guests, special performances and great music. Artists from Arizona, Florida, Washington DC, and Texas are confirmed, with more added daily. 
Among the artists that listeners will enjoy are Ed BLeNDr, Meg Bohrman, the Cesar Juarez Band, Stan Clark, GWYNN, Jim Sobo Music and the Howling Coyote Tour, Stephy Leigh Griffin, Rachael Plays Guitar, Jason and Elle, The Honorable Carl J. Minardo, Brad Newman, Tony Norris, Nossa Bossa Nova, Dustin Perkins, Springhawk, Casper Loma da wa and the Highest Conspiracy, and Maddie Waters.  
Musical genres include singer/songwriter, jazz, indie, Western, soul, R&B, Latin, Brazilian bossa nova, hard folk, reggae, Native voices, and more.  
This live stream concert is the perfect summer break, and a fitting tribute to 50 years of music and entertainment on KAWC and KOFA - as well as a solid foundation to build on the next 50 years.