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Arizona Interagency Farmworkers Coalition Conference Wraps Up

Stephanie Sanchez

The Arizona Interagency Farmworkers Coalition Conference wrapped up Thursday with a farm tour for participants.

KAWC’s Stephanie Sanchez has more.

Over 40 participants from different organizations and groups that provide services to migrant farm workers and families, toured the University of Arizona’s Yuma Agricultural Center.

UA’s professor of Entomology, John Palumbo explained the mission of the experimental station, the importance of agricultural labor force and what growers and farm workers face daily.

"I hope they learn that it’s a very vibrant industry and there is a lot of cooperation between what we do at the university and what the industry does," Palumbo said.

Migrant Education Program State Director Mary Frances Haluska said the tour showed her the difficulties laborers experience in the field and in their daily lives.

"Stopping here in the date field was amazing, Haluska said."We got to taste the product but also be with the workers and just getting the full description of what it is like to work with dates and the labor intensive activity that dates are." 

The Arizona Interagency Farmworkers Coalition is scheduled to hold next year’s conference in Phoenix.

Credit Stephanie Sanchez

Credit Stephanie Sanchez

Credit Stephanie Sanchez

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