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More Than 700 Pounds of AWC Student-Grown Produce Donated to Food Bank

Arizona Western College agricultural students have donated 719 pounds of produce to the Yuma Community Food Bank so far this year, compared to 549 pounds donated in 2018.

Donations grown at the Agricultural Sciences Land Lab this semester consisted of eight ball squash, summer squash, zucchini squash, spaghetti squash, and carrots. The produce was grown by Plant Science students as well as other members of the Agricultural Science Department.

“As part of the Plant Science class, students produce crops to use as visual examples of plant anatomy, physiology, and morphology. The course outline is designed to coincide with crop production in the field,” said Sarah Berner, Professor of Agricultural Science and Manager of the Land Lab.

“At harvest, produce is provided to students for personal use, to the Culinary Arts department for use in courses, and to AWC faculty and staff. Our partnership with the Yuma Community Food Bank ensures an efficient use of any remaining produce. We are privileged to have productive fields due to the hard work of the agricultural students as well as our dedicated AWC Land Lab staff,” added Leigh Loughead, Agriculture Science Manager.

Additional produce is also donated to the Yuma Community Food Bank by students enrolled in Vegetable Crop Production and Integrated Pest Management classes as well as through independent study projects.

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