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Give Us The Bird


All right, let's welcome our next two contestants. We have Jon Katz.

JON KATZ: Hello.


EISENBERG: Hello. And Amit Kooner.




EISENBERG: All right, Jon. Here's my question for you. How do you meet people?

KATZ: In non-scandalous ways through Craigslist.

EISENBERG: In non-scandalous ways through Craigslist?

KATZ: Yes.

EISENBERG: All right. That sounds like a sentence I'd like to hear more about.

KATZ: The pinnacle of it all is my lovely and beautiful and amazing sweetheart, who is over to my left. She had something for sale.


KATZ: Ah, she was selling something, it took a couple of tries to buy it. She was selling a desk. Forty-five minutes of back and forth, I said, hey, you're kind of cool. Why don't we hang out some time? She paused and said OK and that was Craigslist love. But...

EISENBERG: Wow, that's beautiful.

KATZ: ...about a year ago, I went to go buy a TV off somebody. Ten minutes later, we're watching a horse race, eating guacamole, drinking frozen margaritas.


KATZ: It's just a beautiful way to live.


EISENBERG: That is the best use of Craigslist I have ever heard. Amit, how do you - how do you meet people?

KOONER: How do I meet people?


KOONER: Not through Craigslist.





EISENBERG: And you work in digital media?

KOONER: I do. I work in advertising.

EISENBERG: Oh, that's a good way to meet people.

KOONER: Yeah, it is.

EISENBERG: What kind of advertising do you do?

KOONER: I do social media.

EISENBERG: Oh, this is...

KOONER: Advertising mainly, yeah.

EISENBERG: Oh, you're one of these people that pretends to work but all you're out doing is...

KOONER: Right.

EISENBERG:'re on Facebook and tweeting...

KOONER: Right, I'm just...

EISENBERG: ...stuff like that.

KOONER: I'm just updating my status all the time.

EISENBERG: Got it. All right. Well, this game is called Give Us The Bird. Jonathan, are our contestants just going to give us the bird for this whole game? Is that's what's going on here?

JONATHAN COULTON: Yeah, yeah, yeah.


COULTON: Yes, they're going to just give us the finger and we'll give them some points.


COULTON: We're going to ask a series of questions about fictional or real people, all of whom have names that include the name of a bird. For example, Art, if I said for 20 years actor Kelsey Grammer played what legendary NBC sitcom character, you would say?

ART CHUNG: That would be Frasier Crane, because a crane is a type of neurotic bird.

COULTON: That's right.


COULTON: So, contestants, ring in when you know the answer. Whoever gets more right moves on to our Ask Me One More final round at the end of the show. Are you ready?

KATZ: Yes.


COULTON: OK. Nicknamed "The Lady With the Lamp," what Englishwoman developed her pioneering nursing practices during the Crimean War?

KATZ: Florence Nightingale?



What former Mickey Mouse Club child star is now all grown up and making fans swoon with lead roles in films like "The Notebook" and "Drive"?


KOONER: Ryan Gosling?

COULTON: Yes, that's right.


EISENBERG: I know. Even his name is adorable. It's a little baby goose. A little...

COULTON: He's adorable. I know, he's fuzzy all over.


EISENBERG: He's like the male version of a swan.



COULTON: What young Grammy-winning country and pop star had her first hit in 2006 with a single titled "Tim McGraw"?


KOONER: Taylor Swift?

COULTON: That is right.



COULTON: Apparently, a swift is a kind of bird.


COULTON: I did not know this.

EISENBERG: It flies fast.

COULTON: It flies very fast, I guess.

EISENBERG: Swiftly, yeah.

COULTON: What co-author of the Federalist Papers was also the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

Just cycle through all the co-authors of the Federalist Papers.


EISENBERG: And find the one.

COULTON: Think about which one of them was also the first Chief Justice.


COULTON: Who has a name says - yes, Jon.

KATZ: I'm going to say John J.





COULTON: And we have a tie, ladies and gentlemen.


EISENBERG: It's that kind of show. Tie and tie. All right.

CHUNG: Yeah, we could do a lot this time.


CHUNG: All right, here's your quick tiebreaker. Two words. Pro skateboarder.


KOONER: Tony Hawke.

CHUNG: Yes, you're right.


EISENBERG: Amit, you'll be moving on to our Ask Me One More final round at the end of the show. Jon, fantastic. Big hand for Jon Katz.


EISENBERG: Thank you, Amit.

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