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New Border Radio KOFA 94.7 Launches in Yuma

The station known as “KAWC-AM” at 1320AM for more than 45 years in Yuma is now known as “Border Radio-KOFA” on 94.7FM.

Border Radio is a “college radio station" that gives Arizona Western College students and other community members a chance to host music programs.

KAWC changed the call letters of their AM station to KOFA last summer. On May 1st they reformatted as Border Radio.

The staff trained 16 AWC students on how to host a college radio program to give them a chance to be on the radio.

KAWC also filed for an FM translator that would repeat the AM signal on the FM side of the dial that way people can hear it in stereo and that process took several years to happen but is now a reality in Yuma.

KAWC’s General Manager, Dave Riek, says the idea is to bring a new and unique service to listners. 

"A lot of listeners, especially younger folks, don't even know what AM is, don't know how to find it on their car radio, and aren't interested in it because most of the stuff on AM is talk and it is not really that interesting.  Being able to appeal to younger listeners, especially on the FM signal I think is going to be a real boon to us," Riek says.

This service has been an FM station for seven years in other parts of Arizona, but now you can now listen to Border Radio in Yuma at 94.7FM.

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