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Binational Bike Ride Promotes Health and Unity

Stephanie Sanchez

The second annual Mayor’s Binational Bike Ride invited bicycling enthusiasts from both sides of the U.S. Mexico border to promote health and unity among the region’s cities.

KAWC’S Stephanie Sanchez reports.

The controlled ride began at the Yuma Civic Center and ended at El Bosque de la Ciudad, a park on the southern end of San Luis Rio Colorado.

City of Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls says the goal is to help promote closer ties among residents.

"For me, this is an important event to show and highlight our region that how well we work together and we’re really united people," Nicholls said. "We work together and we play together."

Bicyclists had the choice of joining the ride at any of its stops.

Yuma resident Cynthia Madrueño who participated in the bike ride encourages others to try out bicycling.

"I love bike riding because it’s like an outlet," Madrueño said in Spanish. "It’s relaxing and nice to socialize with others who share the same interests."

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