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Arizona Democrat Responds To Biden's Border Policy


The administration of President Joe Biden said it is expelling solo adults and families who attempt to cross the U.S. - Mexico border but providing allowed entry and aid to unaccompanied children. 

The number of families seeking entry tripled in February and many were released into the United States, according to Reuters. 

President Biden addressed a question on the matter in his first press conference last week. He said Mexico would not allow entry to all families and his administration will work with the country to solve the problem. 

Arizona democrat Greg Stanton told KAWC that the citation at the border will improve as the Biden administration attempts to undo the damage caused by the previous administration. 

"The past administration engaged in border policy that went against American values, including tragically separating children from their parents," Stanton said. "This administration is trying to make sure that we manage the border appropriately, but in a much more humane way, much more consistent with American values." 

During the president of Mexico's weekly address, Andrés Manuel López Obrador said people expected the Biden administration to be more humane but it has caused Central American migrants to think crossing the U.S.-Mexico border is easy. 

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