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Yuma Barbershop Owner Says He Will Open Friday, Despite Governor's Order
Jesse James, owner of The Barbershop in Yuma.

The owner of a Yuma barbershop said he will open today, despite Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s extension of the stay at home order until May 15.

Jesse James owns The Barbershop in Yuma. In a video on the business’ Facebook page, James said he is not opening his business out of defiance to the governor nor to make a political statement but because his workers have not received financial assistance from the government.

Customers were able to book appointments online.

“That’s all money that’s really needed for not only myself but my staff that’s struggling putting groceries on the table and providing for their kids," James said. "As much as it hurts to do this, we’re gonna still open.”

James said he will accept any penalty or fine for his actions but that he can’t wait for the okay from state and local officials.

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