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Better Business Bureau Offer Tips to Avoid Solar Eclipse Scams


The nation is awaiting a total solar eclipse next week. People will be able to see it on TV, through telescopes or with their own eyes.

However, big events also mean big opportunities for scammers and unethical businesses.

KAWC's Stephanie Sanchez reports.

On Monday, the moon will pass in front of the sun and cast a shadow on earth.

It’s the first total solar eclipse since June 1918 that will be visible across the nation.

The rare celestial event has caused a boom in sales for protective eye gear.

Better Business Bureau Yuma County Director Janet Torricellas said to be on the lookout for scams that could end up damaging your eyes.

"With so many fake deals on solar filtered glasses online, we recommend sticking to brands that are certified," Torricellas said. "They can be certified with NASA or the American Astronomical Society which is also known as  AAS.”

Torricellas cautions that scammers may set up fake events online and charge people for access to what should be a free event.

If you’re looking for a place to stay during the eclipse, check with the bureau to see what previous customers have to say about their lodging experience.

The “path of totality” where the eclipse is best visible, is not in Arizona.

If you plan on going out of town using public transportation the bureau recommends to deal with the company directly to avoid scammers.