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Yuma High Art Students to Showcase Pieces at Upcoming Exhibition

Yuma Union High School District
“A Step for Yumankind” by Nadia Diaz";s:

Yuma High School art students will get the chance to showcase their artwork at an upcoming exhibition.

“A Visual History of Yuma” will open Thursday, Oct. 24, from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Yuma High Art Gallery in the Snider building.

The student artwork will feature places, people and events that marked Yuma's history.

“My experience with this project has been very pleasant," said Ari Reyes, whose art piece, 'The Lyric Theatre,' will be featured in the exhibit. "I’ve had time to think when it came to my project and I felt like I’ve chosen something unique and different. I hope later in the future I can work on more projects like this one.”

The picture attached to this article is "A Step for Yumankind" by another Yuma High School student, Nadia Diaz. The piece will also be showcased at the exhibit and features Jose Redondo, the first mayor of Yuma.

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