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The latest on COVID-19 in Arizona.

Yuma County Public Health Receives 1,000 COVID-19 Test Kits From UArizona

University of Arizona
COVID-19 test kit from the University of Arizona

The Yuma County Public Health District has received 1,000 COVID-19 test kits over the last two weeks from the University of Arizona. 


The shipment of 700 this week completes the District's original order. 

"They [Yuma County Public Health District] weren't at the top of the queue at that point. We had 300 that we could send," said Dr. David Harris, Director of the University's Health Science Department Biorepository, where the test kits are made. "We then spent the weekend making another four thousand so that we could fulfill their request. 

The 4,000 kits made last weekend fill requests from not only Yuma County but by the Navajo Nation, Pima County, and several Tucson area health care providers. 

The 1,000 kits received in Yuma are a step toward determining the prevalence of COVID-19 throughout the county according to Dr. Harris. 

"We'll make them as fast as we can, hopefully, you can use them as fast as you can and we can get back to doin' things like it was before," Dr. Harris said.


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