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The latest on COVID-19 in Arizona.

Hundreds Could Return to Work as Elective Surgeries Resume May 4 at YRMC

Yuma Regional Medical Center

In light of Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey's decision to lift the ban on elected surgeries starting in May, Yuma Regional Medical Center will follow suit on May 4, returning hundreds of workers to the hospital in a safe and secure manner, according to Chief Executive Officer Dr. Robert Trenschel. 

Arizona Edition 

Episode: 62

While speaking to KAWC's Lou Gum on Arizona Edition, Dr. Trenschel said the March 19 ban on elected procedures cost the hospital almost $400,000 per day. The hostpital will have taken a nearly $18 million hit since the Executive Order went into place. Dr. Trenschel plans to return to elective procedures in phases of urgency starting May 4, 2020. 


"We are very appreciative of the Governor and his lift of the ban on elected surgeries," -Dr. Robert Trenschel, CEO of YRMC

He notes that on a normal day the hospital runs 18 operating rooms, during this COVID-19 pandemic they are only running four. 

The hospital is well equipped with personal protective equipment and all COVID-19 patients are co-herded to one unit, Dr. Trenchel explained on Arizona Edition

Elective surgeries cover a widespread number of procedures like hip replacements, knee surgeries, and hernias.


"These are kinds of things that patients are used to having done quickly when they want them, where they want them," Dr. Trenchel said. "We get a little bit of a taste of when the government regulates what you are able to do, in a free market it doesn't regulate what you can do. " 

Visitor restrictions will remain in place while elective surgeries return on May 4. 


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