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Sign Points to New Hospital Construction in Yuma

Travis Mitchell
A sign illustrates a new 24 hospital off of 24 Street and Araby Road in Yuma.

If you have passed 24 Street and Araby Road in Yuma lately you may have noticed a sign with a red, white, and blue building on it that reads 'Coming Soon Exceptional Healthcare Community Hospital.' 

The cleared lot behind the sign could be a planned site for Exceptional Healthcare, a medical provider with a number of locations in Texas providing a 24-hour emergency room along with surgeries and lab work. 

The City of Yuma has had predevelopment meetings with a group discussing the possibility of such a facility however there has been no actionable proposal made to the city yet.

The same sign seen in Yuma has also shown up in Maricopa. On the company's website, it promises short wait times for emergency services with "state of the art facilities."