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Yuma Mayor Nicholls Proclaims State of Emergency Over Migrants Seeking Asylum

Victor Calderón/KAWC
Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls

Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls has declared a city state of emergency over the high number of migrants being released into the community who are seeking asylum.

On his mayoral Facebook page, Nicholls wrote "Today I proclaimed a local emergency in Yuma, due to the migrant family releases overwhelming the local shelter system. I am calling upon the federal government to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Yuma, as our NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) are overcapacity and cannot sustain providing this aid."

Nicholls was present at a closed-door meeting April 4 with then-Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in Yuma on immigration and the response from non-profit organizations including Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army.

Stay tuned to KAWC for more on Mayor Nicholls's declaration.

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