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Weigh-In-Motion Technology Expands To Yuma


The Arizona Department of Transportation has begun installation of weigh-in-motion sensors for commercial trucks on Yuma area roadways along with the area’s first closed circuit camera to monitor road traffic.

KAWC’s Stephanie Sanchez has the details.

ADOT crews have already begun installation of the Weigh-in-motion technology on Interstate 8 east of Fortuna Road and in central Yuma near the Giss Parkway exit.

Cameras and Sensors on the roadway allow the ADOT Enforcement and Compliance Division to check the weight of commercial trucks, registration and permits without requiring the trucks to stop for inspection.

ADOT spokesman Tom Hermann said this will result in more efficient weight and truck screening operations.

“It’ll be a big boost for the transportation industry, for the commercial trucking," Hermann said. "It should also be a good boost to the state of Arizona because we can get that commerce into the state and get that economic activity going on without the costs and delays of the old fashion check.”

The project also includes the installation of the Yuma area’s first closed circuit traffic camera near milepost 2. The camera will relay traffic conditions in real time.

“If there is limited visibility, if there is a heavy rain storm that might make the road slippery, if there is a crash that is blocking the roadway, we’ll be able to see that on the camera and be able to communicate better exactly what the situation is,” Hermann said.

Hermann said images from that camera will be posted to