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The latest on COVID-19 in Arizona.

Yuma Mayor Mulls ‘Abundance of Caution’ Surrounding COVID-19

City of Yuma

Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholl’s laid out the city’s plan of action for protecting the community against the Coronavirus in a statement Thursday as cases of COVID-19 continue to spread nationwide.

There have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Yuma, according to Mayor Nicholl’s.

“We need to make sure this does not cause panic in Yuma,” said Mayor Doug Nicholls. “By taking personal responsibility, utilizing common sense and following proactive measures we can minimize its impact on ourselves and the community.”

The City of Yuma is working with the Center for Disease Control, The White House, the state of Arizona, the Yuma County Health Services Department and nearby hospitals to manage information pertaining to suspected cases in a timely manner.

Even though there have be zero confirmed cases in Yuma, like the transmission of the flu virus, Yuma will eventually have cases of COVID-19, according to Mayor Nicholls.

"Using an abundance of caution for ourselves, families and coworkers, we can protect our immune-compromised community, our elderly and our infants." - Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls

As events in the future could be canceled the Mayor stressed continued support for local business.

“I ask everyone to use common sense while applying these proactive measures and to keep supporting our local businesses,” Mayor Nicholls said.

The City has canceled events like Music on Main St. Patrick’s Day event which was scheduled for March 14th.

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