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Arizona Edition: Legalized Marijuana in Arizona Means Second-Chance for Past Offenses

Arizona Edition

The passage of Proposition 207 in November 2020 was a second chance for hundreds of thousands of Arizonans convicted in the past for something that is now no longer considered a crime.

Possession of small amounts of marijuana, growing a few plants, or transporting paraphernalia used to lead to prison and extended probation periods for those convicted in Arizona. But the legalization of recreational use approved in Prop 207 in November opened the door to have those convictions expunged.

On this week's Arizona Edition, host Lou Gum speaks with May Tiwamangkala and Martin Hutchins. They are both involved with marijuana-related expungement and the Reclaim Your Future campaign.

Hutchins is Marijuana Expungement Litigation Manager for the Arizona Justice Project, one of several legal aid organizations in the state, including Puente-AZ, Southern Arizona Legal Aid, the ASU Post-Conviction Clinic, and the University of Arizona Civil Rights Restoration Clinic, looking to help people expunge their records through the Reclaim Your Future Campaign. Information at

Tiwamangkala is an advocate and community organizer on the topic and is waiting for word about their own expungement petition.

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