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Vaccination Rates Go Up in Yuma County

Yuma Chamber of Commerce

Yuma County's vaccination rate sits at 63.2%

Yuma County's top health official says the county is in a much better place than several months ago regarding COVID-19 vaccine rates.

Currently, Yuma County's vaccination rate sits at 63.2 percent. The statewide rate is 61.2 percent.

Yuma County Public Health Department director Diana Gomez says part of the reason vaccination numbers are going up is accessibility to shots throughout the county.

"I think that is contributing to our vaccination numbers going up, and we've always encouraged people to get information if they have any concerns. I think the combination of having vaccines available in different locations throughout the county and being able to answer people's questions are helping raise that vaccine weight."

Gomez says the department continues efforts to make COVID-19 vaccines available across the county.

Gomez reminds the community that although they have seen COVID-19 cases plateau, it is never too late to get the COVID vaccine. She says the information is available on the County department's website or by giving them a call at 928-317-4550.

Sumiko Keil