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Irish Christmas in America Returns December 10, 2023!

Economy Growth in Yuma County

Visit Yuma

Tourism officials say things are picking up in Yuma.

The executive director of Visit Yuma, Marcus Carney, said its agency is seeing decent economic growth after an increase in summer travel.

Carney said the United States saw a vast travel boom over the summer, including Yuma.

Carney said things are picking up after a lull in the early fall.

"From a very slight like, it looked like it was going to dip because everyone was going back home, but it came back pretty ferociously, and it's been pretty good and consistent through the wintertime. Obviously, with the holiday's everything will slow down a little bit again because you know we kind of come in a couple of ways of the winter visitors coming down here."
Carney said Visit Yuma sees an increase in hotel occupancies. RV parks are also seeing regular customers return and new visitors.

For the full interview, listen to the full audio below.

Economy Growth Yuma County

Sumiko Keil