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Ribbon Cutting for ASU Local at AWC

Red Ribbon Cutting at ASU Local at AWC
Sumiko Keil/KAWC

Arizona Western College (AWC) celebrated the red ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house of Arizona State University (ASU) Local on Wednesday.

Arizona Western College's President, Dr. Daniel Corr, said it was a big day for the Yuma community.

"We wanted very much to be part of the ASU Local experience. We wanted to make sure that our students had that opportunity here in Yuma to earn hundreds of different degrees from a world-class institution."
City officials, AWC campus staff, and students gathered around on Wednesday for the big day with special guests from Tempe, including Executive Vice President at ASU's Learning Enterprise, Maria Anguiano.

Anguiano said one of their many priorities is to build a community where people belong.

"ASU Local should be a place where you belong. It should also be a place where you can find your path. It should also be a place where you have a supportive community around you. That is what we hope to achieve with ASU Local. With our community here and with our partners, here is a place where our students can thrive because education is not just a diploma. It is not just a certificate; it is an enabling tool. To get individuals, families, communities to thrive."

ASU Local student Karla Vera said it offers a new opportunity and a new pathway for many students like herself trying to stay local and close to family. Vera's message to the community and incoming students.

"Focus on your pathway. Never focus and compare your progress to other students' experiences. You will each have very individual experiences and never give up. Just keep going through life because success is just around the corner."
At ASU Local, ASU's hybrid university experience based at AWC's Yuma campus, students will earn a bachelor's degree from the number one most innovative research university in the U.S. while rooted in their beloved community.

According to ASU, upon graduation, students become part of the 500,000 plus members strong ASU Alumni Association to find career opportunities and network with other students while nurturing lifelong friendships.

"It is about making sure that our students, our residents, do not have to make a choice, right? We want options right here in Yuma. We do not want our students to choose between an ASU (Arizona State University) degree and staying in Yuma. And as you also make sure they do not have to decide to choose to study online or with personal face-to-face support," said Corr.

Three years ago, ASU Local first launched its first site in Los Angeles, followed by a second one in Washington, D.C., and the third one in Yuma.

Dr. Corr said AWC's goal for 2035 is to double baccalaureate attainment in Yuma and La Paz County.

Applications are open for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023. For more information, click here.

Sumiko Keil
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