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Consumer Tips and Tools for Arizonans


As scammers continue to target consumers in several ways, Arizona PIRG (Public Interest Research Group) Education Fund provides Arizonans with tips and tools to address some of the most common issues seen throughout the state.

Executive Director at Arizona Public Interest Research Group (AZPIRG), Diane Brown, discusses the threats facing consumers and how they continue to increase every year.

"Consumers are remaining vigilant and knocking down any potential threats, basically preventing any issues that could threaten their identity, threaten their bank account, or threaten their life or a family member's life," said Brown.

Arizona PIRG looked at the complaints coming from Arizonans through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which serves as a watchdog for consumers.

"Topping the list of issues that Arizonans complained about to the CFPB with credit reporting and associated issues such as credit repair services. Other related consumer reports often due to incorrect information or a problem with how the credit reporting company investigated or didn't investigate an existing problem."

Brown adds that putting a freeze on your credit report is recommended to ensure nobody else accesses your information.

A few months ago, the executive director spoke about robocalls Arizonans continue to face every day. Brown recommends not to pick up the phone if you do not know who is on the other end. Answering a robocall triggers the system; there is someone they may be able to get ahold of and therefore may be able to scam.

Brown concluded, “No doubt scammers are going to try to find new ways to scam. Consumer Protection Week may be over, but protecting consumers is never over for the Arizona PIRG Education Fund.”

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Sumiko Keil