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Democratic Arizona gubernatorial candidate Lieberman launches ad to pump up campaign

Democratic candidate for Arizona governor Aaron Lieberman

By Howard Fischer
Capitol Media Services
PHOENIX -- Trailing badly in the polls, Democrat Aaron Lieberman is going all-in with a bid to finally light a fire to his campaign.
Lieberman is launching a new TV commercial, complete with a burning dumpster he said represents Arizona politics, attacking not just Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who is leading the pack in the Democratic primary, but also Republican Kari Lake, the Trump-endorsed Republican candidate for governor who so far is polling ahead of others.
More to the point, Lieberman is betting heavily on the effectiveness of the commercial: He is allocating $500,000 of the $760,000 he recently reported having left on hand to get the message out statewide.
He starts by launching an attack on Lake for appearing at rallies with Nazi sympathizers.
But Lieberman said the worry for the Democrats -- his target audience -- is that Lake is still polling better than Hobbs "who two federal juries have found guilty of racial discrimination.''
That refers to federal court findings that Senate staffer Talonya Adams, who is black, was discriminated against by Hobbs who, at the time, was the Senate minority leader. Jurors awarded Adams $2.7 million, though that was reduced because federal civil rights laws limit damages in discrimination cases to no more than $300,000.
And the not-so-subtle bottom line in the ad is that Lieberman calls himself "the only Democrat who can win in November.''
Lieberman has a long was to go in even getting the right to be his party's standard bearer.
A March survey by OH Predictive Insights found Hobbs the choice of 36% of Democrats questions, with businessman Marco Lopez as 14% -- and Lieberman at 6%. Pollster Mike Noble said the other 44% are undecided and apparently up for grabs.
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