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Gubernatorial candidate reveals public education policy in interview with KAWC

Marco Lopez
Marco Lopez Campaign for Governor
Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Marco Lopez

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Marco Lopez on Tuesday unveiled his plan for strengthening Arizona’s public education program.

Lopez’s proposal calls for diverting 2.5 billion of the state’s five-billion-dollar budget surplus to public education. The bulk of the money will go to raising teacher salaries, so the state can attract the best in the nation.

Lopez wants to spend another $50 million on recruiting - with another 50 million devoted to early childhood education programs.

He told KAWC the state’s children are worth the investment.

“Just in how we fund, and just in how we provide opportunities to our kids and our families, and our students, it really can make an entire difference on failing, or succeeding,” he said.

Lopez also wants to change the way Arizonans view secondary education. He says a four-year degree may not be for everyone, but prosperity is something that should be available to all of us.

“You know, in order to succeed today in Arizona, you don't need to necessarily go to the university. That’s not the only path to success,” he said. “So we've got to invest in vocational training certification program apprenticeships, because that's what I think the future economy will require of us.”

Lopez made the announcement on the 68th anniversary of Brown vs. The Board of Education...

That’s the court ruling that ended segregation in American public schools.

Listen to our extended conversation with Marco Lopez using the audio link above.

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