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Yuma County Health Director warns the tridemic is here

A warning from Yuma County’s Director of Public Health: the “tridemic” is here in a big way.

Diana Gomez tells KAWC cases of flu, COVID-19, and RSV, are on the rise in Yuma earlier than is traditional.

The county has more than 700 confirmed flu cases, which compares to just two cases at the same time last year.

COVID-19 is also at play, with the area moving back into the high transmission range. The county’s seen nearly 200 new cases since just last week.

The really bad news - having one illness doesn't prevent you from contracting the other.

“The reality is that they’re separate viruses, and it’s very possible, and we’ve seen it multiple times, that you can get both flu and COVID at the same time,” Gomez told us.

Cases of the respiratory illness RSV are also exponentially higher this year than last. It tends to strike the very young and the very old, with infants suffering the harshest effects. I’s having devastating effects nationwide.

Unfortunately, holiday gatherings help fuel the seasonal spread of respiratory illnesses. Gomez says that’s a good reason for people to think before they attend parties.

“If you’re ill, or not feeling your best, you know when you feel like you’re coming down with something, maybe pass on that,” she suggests.

Another good idea, take a test beforehand to find out whether you’re already infected. Free tests are available at Yuma County library branches.

COVID vaccines, boosters and flu shots are also readily available. They’re still the single best way to protect yourself from the worst effects of seasonal illnesses, and they could save your life. Find out where to get yours at or visit the Yuma County website.

And to learn more about the various illnesses at play, and the best way to deal with them, click the “listen” button to hear our full interview with Public Health Director Gomez.