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AZ voters don't support potential abortion ballot measure from lawmakers

Marcin Golba/Longfin Media -

A new poll shows Arizonans have little interest in letting politicians control abortion rights.

Many expect the Arizona Legislature to push forward a ballot referendum related to abortion access.

In April the Arizona Supreme Court upheld an 1864 Arizona territorial era law that banned all abortions. State lawmakers and court action set the law aside, putting a 15 week abortion ban passed by a previous legislature in effect.

Polling from Noble Predictive Insights shows there is little support for a referendum from state lawmakers. 52 percent of Arizona voters says they would oppose it, with only 25 percent saying they would support it.

Among parties, Republicans opposed the 37 to 34 percent in favor, while 71 percent of Democrats say they would oppose a measure while 25 percent would support it.

Even among poll responders who ranked abortion as one of their top three issues, 69 percent said they would oppose a Legislature-backed ballot measure.

Poll date HERE.

Lou grew up in Tucson and has a long family history in the state of Arizona. He began his public radio career in 1988 at KNAU in Flagstaff as a classical music DJ and has been hooked on public radio since, transitioning to news after trying his hand at several other careers in publishing and commercial broadcasting. Lou has a degree in American Studies from Arizona State University and was KAWC's Morning Edition host for two and half years before becoming News and Operations Director.
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