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With United States Interior Secretary Ken Salazar planning to step down in March, Congressman Raúl M. Grijalva, representing Arizona's 3rd District, talks about the possibility of replacing Salazar for the position. 

The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Debate

Feb 4, 2013

Arizona Edition takes a look at the bipartisan plan by an assembly of U.S. Senators, including Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake, to renew the debate on immigration reform.  KAWC’s Lou Gum speaks with Senator Jeff Flake as well as Arizona Congressman Raúl Grijalva about Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

On Western Voice Radio, KAWC's Lou Gum investigates the “Yuma Economic Development” bill that could replace Yuma's community college with a Yuma University.   Also, Western Voice Radio host Dave Riek sits down with Arizona Western College President, Doctor Glenn Mayle to hear his goals for the new year...

Western Voice Radio looks into the planning process for AWC’s 50th anniversary celebrations and KAWC's Maya Springhawk Robnett talks to art students at AWC about their prospects for the future…

Independent Border Film Opens in Yuma

Jan 28, 2013
Charlie Minn

The New Juarez is independent filmmaker Charlie Minn's third documentary on Ciudad Juarez in Chihuahua, Mexico, a city once called the murder capital of the world.  KAWC's Michelle Faust spoke to Charlie Minn about The New Juarez, which opened recently at the Yuma Harkins Theatres.   

Yuma area residents will get a chance to glimpse a forgotten Irish art form at a special performance next Thursday evening.   KAWC’s Dave Riek spoke with dancer Brian Cunningham, the man behind the Sean-nós revival.

Jared M. Dort / Arizona Western College

Saying Arizona must compete for good jobs and the finest teachers, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer brought her State of the State Address to Yuma.  KAWC's Lou Gum reports.

March to Honor Martin Luther King, Jr. in Yuma

Jan 22, 2013
Michelle Faust

Yuma’s Chapter of the NAACP marched from the Union Missionary Baptist Church to the Doctor King Neighborhood Center to commemorate Martin Luther King, Junior on Sunday afternoon.

KAWC’s Michelle Faust was there and brings us this story…

Michelle Faust

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Arizona Edition takes a look at Arizona’s African American history with long-time Yuma NAACP member John "Bud" Johnson and Arizona’s first African-American County Supervisor, Ray Moore.

In this segment, Arizona Edition looks into YouthBuild Peptech, a group of young people striving to overcome challenges, improve their educations, and give back to their community.

Pete Souza

NPR will provide special live coverage of the Inauguration from 8 am-10 am Arizona Time. Steve Inskeep and Audie Cornish will host the special from the West Front of the U.S. Capitol Building, where the Inaugural ceremony will take place. They'll be joined there by White House Correspondents Ari Shapiro and Scott Horsley.

In addition, on Talk of the Nation, Neal Conan will take calls with reactions to the start of President Obama's second term. Also, on The Takeaway, John Hockenberry will provide additional analysis.

Army Artwork on Display at the Yuma Art Center

Jan 14, 2013
Yuma Art Center

  This past weekend, Yuma Proving Ground and Marine Corps Air Station-Yuma prepared the 2013 Spirit of Yuma Military Festival.  The festival was in Yuma’s historic north end it featured live music and entertainment.

The festival marked the opening of an exhibit in the Yuma Art Center of art created by military personnel that will be on display for the next six weeks.  KAWC’s Michelle Faust visited the exhibit with the curator of the Yuma Proving Ground Museum and Heritage center, Bill Heidner and brings us this story…

  In this Arizona Edition, KAWC's Kim Johnson interviews Republican State Senator Don Shooter of the newly-formed District 13 about the 2013 Legislative Session and the political balance.

Arizona Edition - KAWC's Michelle Faust visits the military art exhibit at the Yuma Art Center with Bill Heidner (curator for the Yuma Proving Ground Museum and Heritage Center) and speaks with William Blomquist, Professor of Fine Arts at Arizona Western College and a former Army artist.

Arizona Dreamer's Mother and Brother Detained by ICE

Jan 11, 2013

The mother and brother of a well-known immigration reform activist, Erika Andiola, were arrested in their Phoenix-area home and detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement last night.

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Arizona Edition interviews newly-elected Senator Lynne Pancrazi and Yuma locals share their New Year's Resolutions...(originally aired 01/07/13)

Arizona Edition host Lou Gum continues his interview with former state Representative and Senator-elect Lynne Pancrazi.  KAWC's Trudy Schuett checks in with local officials to see what's to come in the new year...(originally aired 01/07/13)

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On Arizona Edition, KAWC’s Dave Riek interviews Bob Neustadt, an organizer for the “Border Songs” project that collected music, poetry, and other media to draw attention to the plight of those caught in the crossfire over immigration.

To learn more about the Border Songs project or to purchase the CD, visit .

Arizona Edition talks to Todd Landfried of Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform about S.A.N.E., a suggested solution to immigration problems by the Real Arizona Coalition...(originally aired 12/12/12)

Arizona Edition - KAWC's Michelle Faust visits the Arizona childhood homestead of Cesar Chavez and KAWC's Kim Johnson visits the "Center of the World"... (originally aired 12/10/12)

Arizona Edition speaks to Nancy Meister, President of the Yuma Audubon Society, on the migration of birds through Yuma and the 113th Annual Christmas Bird Count...(originally aired 12/03/12)

KAWC's Michelle Faust reports on the training of working dogs in this second segment of Arizona Edition and KAWC's Maya Springhawk Robnett speaks with local pet owners...

KAWC's Lou Gum investigates the economic effects of Yuma's winter visitors and speaks with Ann Walker from the Yuma Visitors Bureau in this Arizona Edition...(originally aired 11/19/12)

In the second half of Arizona Edition, KAWC's Michelle Faust reports on winter visitor volunteerism and KAWC's Kim Johnson discusses homeless winter visitors...

Arizona Edition discusses what makes Yuma attractive to military retirees and some of the services available to them in the region...(originally aired 11/12/12)

In Segment B of Arizona Edition, KAWC's Kim Johnson reports on the arrival of the first F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.  Yuma's Marine Core Air Station is one of the first to receive the new jets...

Arizona Edition visits the Yuma Regional Cancer Center with KAWC's Kim Johnson...(originally aired 11/05/12)

Humane Society upgrades to a new location

Nov 23, 2012

Donors and volunteers helped the Humane Society of Yuma raise the 1-point-5 million dollars necessary to build a new shelter.  The new location is nearly ready to receive homeless dogs and cats.  KAWC’s Michelle Faust recently visited the old and the new shelters and brings us more on the story.

Yuma County Sheriff Ralph Ogden retires at the end of the year.  In our first Arizona Edition report, we take a look at Ogden's career and legacy through the eyes of some of his co-workers... (originally aired 10/8/12)