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Arizona Raises Awareness of Human Trafficking Ahead of 2015 Super Bowl

January is national slavery and human trafficking month.  It is something that is often hidden in plain sight—in the neighborhoods and businesses in our own communities.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, ahead of next year’s Super bowl in the state—considered to be a draw for human and sex trafficking has created a special task force to strengthen victim services and prevent trafficking in the state.

To find out more, KAWC’s Michelle Faust spoke with Britanny Vanderhoof, Policy Council for the Polaris Project, an organization that fights global human trafficking.  Vanderhoof says there is a difference between prostitution and human trafficking, though they do share similarities.

Victims of sex trafficking have harrowing tales of abuse.  Beth Jacobs is a survivor and now works as a victim’s advocate.  She shares her story that began when she was 16, though many others became victims much younger.


If you suspect that someone you know, or if you yourself are the victim of human or sex trafficking, call the Polaris hotline 1-888-373-7888 or text HELP to 233733 or BeFree.

This story originally aired as part of Arizona Edition on 1/22/14.