Andrea Pérez Balderrama


Andrea Pérez Balderrama covers the Latino community for KAWC Colorado River Public Media. A recent graduate of the University of Michigan, Pérez Balderrama has spent the past four years exploring her passion for journalism and storytelling through a series of internships, classes and leadership positions. She was part of the breaking news team at the Detroit Free Press where she has written stories about a wide range of topics, including lawsuits, education and politics. In college, Andrea served as managing editor for the weekly magazine published by the University of Michigan’s independent student newspaper. At the magazine, The Statement, she managed a team of designers, writers, photographers and illustrators. She was also an operations intern for Michigan Radio, the local NPR station in Ann Arbor, Mich. She grew up in Ciudad Juárez, south of El Paso, TX on the U.S.–Mexico border.

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