• Announcer

    Anthony Ornellas started at KAWC in June 2017. Along with being a host for All Things Considered, he also does some production work. When he isn't at the radio station, he is busy working toward a Bachelor's in Information Technology.

  • Host, Jazz Straightahead

    Doc Jazz originally wanted to host a classical music program on KAWC, but since that didn't fit with the format at the time, he started hosting jazz. Now, one of the longtime voices of KAWC, Doc Jazz hosts Jazz Straightahead every Saturday...

  • Announcer

    Chip Straley is the new kid on the KAWC block.  He is an AWC Theatre Professor Emeritus with a professional theatre career that spans more than 45 years.

  • General Manager and Host, The Bridge and Morning Edition

    Dave Riek has been General Manager at KAWC since January, 2006. He began his work in Yuma as a partnership with NPR member-station, KNAU, at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. After more than a year splitting his time between the two...

  • Reporter

    Kim Johnson says coming to work for KAWC is like coming home. Kim has been doing Yuma news on radio since 1981. Kim and his wife Joan moved to Yuma two months after getting married in 1981. Yuma has been good to the Johnsons as they are blessed...