Josie Fischels

Natural disasters have names and labels. Hurricane names are selected from a predetermined list. Diseases, at one point often named for where they originated, now follow a specific set of naming guidelines. Wildfires get names too.

On August 6, 1991, the first website was introduced to the world.

And while perhaps not as exciting or immersive as some of the nearly 1.9 billion websites that exist today, it makes sense that the first web page launched on the good ol' W3 was, well, instructions about how to use it.

The Washington Football Team will no longer allow fans to wear "Native American inspired" dress inside its home stadium, including headdresses and face paint.

Updated August 5, 2021 at 6:29 PM ET

It's official: Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi will leave FC Barcelona.

Soccer league La Liga's limits on spending made it impossible for the club, whose spending far exceeded the limit, to make an agreement with Messi. The club would have needed to completely restructure its finances.

Fed up with a group of demonstrators protesting mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy lashed out on Wednesday during a public bill signing.