Scott Detrow

Scott Detrow is a congressional correspondent for NPR. He also co-hosts the NPR Politics Podcast.

Detrow joined NPR in 2015 to cover the presidential election. He focused on the Republican side of the 2016 race, spending time on the campaign trail with Donald Trump, and also reported on the election's technology and data angles.

Detrow worked as a statehouse reporter for member stations WITF in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and KQED in San Francisco, California. He has also covered energy policy for NPR's StateImpact project, where his reports on Pennsylvania's hydraulic fracturing boom won a DuPont-Columbia and national Edward R. Murrow Award in 2013.

Detrow got his start in public radio at Fordham University's WFUV. He graduated from Fordham, despite spending most of his time in the newsroom, and also has a master's degree at the University of Pennsylvania's Fels Institute of Government.

It's hard to make time for history books when there is so much history crashing down on us every single day — and especially when that history is divisive, aggressive and seemingly never-ending.

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Brett Kavanaugh is now an associate justice of the Supreme Court. The Kavanaugh confirmation fight is now over. But as NPR's Scott Detrow reports from Capitol Hill, it will likely linger over Congress and American politics for a very long time.

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NPR's congressional correspondent Scott Detrow has been covering this all week.

Scott, thanks very much for being with us.

SCOTT DETROW, BYLINE: Thanks for having me.

SIMON: Any doubt whether today's vote is a done deal?

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