Vanessa Romo

A convoy of buses carrying Indian policemen in Kashmir became a disfigured wreck of steel and bloodied body parts after a bomber rammed a car full of explosives into one of the vehicles on Thursday, killing at least 44 officers and injuring nearly 20 others, according to the latest count from Reuters and local newspapers.

It is one of the deadliest attacks on security forces in the disputed state over the last three decades.

Three alleged former Syrian secret service agents were arrested on Tuesday on charges of carrying out or aiding in crimes against humanity, including torture of anti-government activists, paving the way for what could result in the first criminal trials of senior members of President Bashar Assad's regime anywhere in the world.

Several Canadian diplomats who became mysteriously ill while serving in Cuba are suing the government for allegedly ignoring or attempting to conceal information about their ailments and subsequently taking too long to remove them from the country.

After days of devastating flooding that has ravaged a swath of suburbs in northeast Australia, more than 1,000 people who had been forced to evacuate are returning home amid new warnings of strong winds and another potential deluge.

A Brazilian state court has ordered Vale SA to refrain from disposing of tailings at eight of its dams, in the wake of the environmental disaster last month, which spilled 3 billion gallons of mining waste, obliterated a town, killed more than 120 people and has likely buried another 200 people under several yards of contaminated mud.