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Sinema Appears To Break From Partisan State of the Union Reactions

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema applauds during the State of the Union address in Washington on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020.

As expected, reactions from Arizona and Yuma-area elected officials on Tuesday’s State of the Union speech fell along party lines. But Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema appeared to break away from the partisan tone. 

As expected, Republicans praised President Donald Trump’s speech and Democrats were against it.

Senator Sinema was trending on social media for her standing ovation during Trump’s speech. She applauded when Trump spoke about an opportunity zone program, which grants capital gains tax breaks to investors in designated economically distressed areas. Fellow Democrats did not join her.

Sinema said there is more that unites Arizonans than what divides us.

"Focusing on our common values instead of our differences is how I introduced the first-of-its-kind bipartisan parental leave bill, and I welcome the president's support of this critical legislation," she said. "As always, I’ll work with anyone to get things done and deliver for everyday Arizona families."

Republican Senator Martha McSally had not issued any statement on the speech as of early Wednesday afternoon.

On Twitter, Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva wrote “Impeached President Trump only knows how to stir division and treat #SOTU like a campaign rally. Meanwhile, the American people are struggling to figure out their future. We deserve better.”

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