2018 Arizona Primary Election Candidates - Legislative

Jul 23, 2018

Early ballots should arrive soon!  Arizona Primary Elections take place on August 28, 2018.  The deadline to register has passed.

Registration Information for Yuma County Residents

Registration Information for La Paz County Residents

Below is a list of the legislative candidates running for office in Legislative Districts 4 and 13. Click on hyperlinked names to see links to interviews with candidates that aired on KAWC.


Michelle Harris is the only Democrat seeking the Arizona Senate seat in LD13.
Credit Lou Gum


State Senator – District 13 (DEM)

State Senator – District 13 (REP)



State Representative – District 13 (DEM)

  • Thomas Tzitzura

State Representative – District 13 (REP)


State Representative Charlene Fernandez is seeking her third term.
Credit Lou Gum

State Senator – District 4 (DEM)

  • Lisa Otondo (I)



State Representative – District 4 (DEM)

State Representative – District 4 (GRN)