Arizona Children's Association Announces Yuma Expansion

Oct 9, 2019

Child welfare and behavioral health services will now be provided out of one central location, as opposed to two separate ones.

The change is now possible after the Arizona Children's Association announced the opening of a new building on 275 West 17th Place in Yuma.

The child welfare program has already begun serving residents in the new building while behavioral health is set to finalize their move by mid-October.

“Most of the families and children that we serve are going through obviously difficult times," said Amy Penny, Development Director with the Association. "If we have each one of our programs in one location to better wrap around that child, we make sure that we help them through this hard situation and the trauma they’re going through.”

The building has a staff of 41 people, including interns, and will service around 600 clients, who will have access to services such as foster care, adoption, outpatient counseling and family preservation, among others.