Arizona Edition: Saving the Colorado River

Jul 26, 2021

The threats to the Colorado River are many – climate change, overuse, invasive species, dozens of planned diversion projects, pollution – and that has motivated action up and down the river’s shores by a variety committed activists and regular people.

On this week’s Arizona Edition we talk with Gary Wockner, Executive Director and co-founder of the group SAVE THE COLORADO, out of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Wockner is one of an estimated 40 million people that rely on the Colorado River for municipal use in hundreds of communities in the river's upper and lower basin. The river also supplies water to irrigate nearly 5.5 million acres of farm land, is the lifeblood for at least 22 federally recognized Native American Tribes, and impacts the environments of seven National Wildlife Refuges, four National Recreation Areas, and 11 National Parks.

Wockner talks about the work of Save the Colorado, how the group keeps the fun in their work, and where he finds optimism amidst the dire predictions about the future of the river. 

More information about SAVE THE COLORADO