Arizona Edition: Yuma County Health Explains 'Contact Tracing'

Jun 17, 2020


Testing for COVID-19 in Yuma County continues to increase but community spread of the virus is contributing to higher numbers.


That was the message from Diana Gomez, Director of the Yuma County Public Health District, in part of a wide-ranging discussion of the official and public response to the COVID-19 pandemic in southwestern Arizona.


Gomez talks about the risks of international travel to and from Mexico through nearby ports of entry and cross-state travel to California. She says county officials are in regualr contact with international and neighboring-state agencies to monitor the spread of COVID-19 region-wide.

Gomez explains that only Yuma County residents are counted in the number of tests administered in the county and positive cases reported in daily County updates. Those tested in the County from elsewhere have their results transferred.

Listen to KAWC's Lou Gum interview Gomez on Arizona Edition.

(Original airdate 6/12/20)