Arizona Western College Students Receive COVID-19 Vaccines

Apr 8, 2021

Arizona Western College students were able to receive COVID-19 vaccines on the Yuma campus Thursday.  

The free clinic was thanks to a partnership with Regional Center for Border Health. 


We caught up with some of the students after they got their shots to hear about their experiences and why they chose to get vaccinated.



Ian Murashi, 25, is an arts major. 

"Having to see a lot of people come out to get vaccinated, it's really good, it's a positive thing to show people we can be able to fight COVID," Murashi said. 


Murashi said he's from Kenya and people there did not take COVID-19 seriously at first but now vaccination efforts there are underway.


Alejandra Garcia, 19, who is studying agricultural management systems, said she wanted to get the vaccine because her father has lupus, a long-term disease that can cause inflammation and pain in any part of the body.


300 vaccinations were made available to AWC students at an event on campus Thursday.