Arizona's 2021 State of The Air Report

Apr 23, 2021

The American Lung Association released it State of The Air Report 2021 Wednesday. 


It showed that despite nationwide progress on cleaning and air pollution, more than 40 percent of Americans live with unhealthy ozone or particle pollution. In Arizona, Yuma gets an 'F' on ozone quality. However it did show signs of improvement from the previous year. 

Phoenix got worse and is ranked 5 for most polluted ozone in the country. 


Joanna Strother is the Senior Director of Advocacy for the American Lung Assocation (ALA). 

"What we call on here at the ALA is for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to have more stringent standards that what we have now, really to protect our public health." said Strother. "If we can do a better job about cleaning up pollution, we'll make the air a little bit easier to breath."