Campesinos Sin Fronteras Director: We’re Committed To Serving Clients

Mar 18, 2020

The executive director of Campesinos Sin Fronteras, which serves farmworkers and low income residents in Yuma County, said that, despite the coronavirus, her organization remains committed to serving the community.

Emma Torres said Campesinos Sin Fronteras’ clients are expressing concern over COVID-19.

Torres said Campesinos' offices in San Luis and Somerton remain open. Their health fairs are cancelled and health programs have moved to individual visits to their offices.

“Going back to the people that work in the fields and the poor individuals who live paycheck to paycheck, that’s who we’ve been hearing from," Torres told KAWC. "Some of their neighbors might tell them ‘don’t go to work’ but day to day, that’s how they feed their families.” 

Torres said she and other community health officials in San Luis and Somerton are working with county, state and national health leaders on how to best serve the community.