CBP Agents Detail Aspects of 'Operation Secure Line' at San Luis Port Of Entry

Nov 21, 2018

Fifty Border Patrol agents have arrived in San Luis in support of what is being called "Operation Secure Line". Agents from other sectors started the first day of their detail Monday morning.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said Wednesday that military troops have installed one mile of concertina wire along the fence on both sides of the San Luis Port of Entry.

CBP officials gave details of the operation, which they say is a hardening of border security at ports of entry in the U.S. Southwest in advance of the possible arrival of the Central American caravan.

"In November alone, that means in the past 21 days, the Yuma sector has apprehended more than 2,900 illegal aliens," said Anthony Porvaznik, Chief Patrol Agent for the Yuma Sector. "These illegal aliens are not related to the migrant flow from Central America, commonly referred to as 'the caravan'.

CBP officials gave reporters a tour of the holding rooms for families, mostly women and children, as well as a medical area for treating individuals and the holding cells for people smuggling drugs or people across the border.

Officials say the top priority is getting normal pedestrian and vehicle traffic through the port as quickly as possible. Officers are processing asylum seekers as operations allow.