Chamber: Businesses Struggle But Some Band Together Amid Closures

Mar 25, 2020

Several businesses throughout Yuma County are struggling but working together,  following measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, according to the Yuma County Chamber of Commerce. 

Less than a week ago, Emergency Declarations by Yuma County and the City of Yuma followed suit with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey's executive order to place restrictions on gyms, bars, and dine-in restaurants. 


"Can't stress enough that these people are in real dire straits," said John Courtis, Executive Director for the Yuma County Chamber of Commerce. "Medical tourism has come to a screeching halt. Which leads to all the hospitality industry, hotels and restaurants."  


Amid the global pandemic, the chamber says it has seen collaborations between local businesses to help keep eachother afloat. 

Downtown restaurants like DaBoys and Prison Hill are sharing a pop-up drive thru tent that allows customers to pick up meals, since dine-in options are temporarily banned. 

The opposite is also true, the Landing and Icons Grill have both shut down for the time being.

"It's really sad and tough," -John Courtis said.

However, everytime one door slams shut, a window opens up for opportunities, Courtis explained. 

"Walmarts are hiring, we have a lot of stores hiring people to help stock shelves," he said.  

Walmart plans to hire nearly 150,000 new staffers throughout its warehouses and stores nationwide following the increase in demand for supplies amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to NPR.