Conservative Group AZ Patriots To Host Caravan At Border

Jun 7, 2019

A Conservative group of Phoenix-area residents is hosting what they are calling a Patriot Caravan at the border in Yuma County later this month in response to the high number of undocumented migrants who continue to arrive every day.

The group is called AZ Patriots and they describe themselves on their Facebook page as “a group of committed Americans who stand boldly for American values and Conservative principals.”

There is a Facebook event page for the Patriot Caravan on June 22. The event is described as “a non-violent, non-aggressive event to form a human wall to deter people from crossing.”

An image on the event page reads “We the People have had enough. It’s time to take a stand against open borders.”

The group is inviting participants to carry a firearm, reminding them that Arizona is an open carry state.

The group is leaving for the border from the Goodyear area.

One of the group’s members recently posted a video where she took a bag of items she said migrants left behind in the desert to a shelter in Yuma operated by the Salvation Army.