FDA Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response Visits AWC

Dec 3, 2019

The food system is changing and food safety professionals are needed more than ever.

That was the message on Tuesday from Frank Yiannas, the FDA Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response, invited to speak to Arizona Western College agricultural students by college ag education leaders.

Yiannas said he’s met with Yuma ag leaders recently to address food safety to prevent any future widespread contamination.

“I’m very encouraged by what I’m seeing here in terms of preventative controls that are being applied on farms," Yiannas told KAWC. "There’s work being done that’s never been done before to advance fresh leafy greens and produce safety in general. I’m very pleased with the progress that’s being made. There’s still work to be done but I think progress is being made.” 

Yiannas formerly held food safety positions at Walmart and Disney.