Final Unofficial Yuma Vote Total Triggers Recount

Nov 9, 2017

Five Vote Difference Between 3rd and 4th Place Finishers Triggers Automatic Recount

The votes have been counted, but Tuesday's City Of Yuma General Election is not completely over.  Most of the votes cast in the election were counted Tuesday, and the count of late early ballots was then finished earlier this week.  But the election is not over for the third and fourth place finishers.  Only five votes separate Karen Watts and Gregory Counts.  Tuesday's vote was to fill three seats on the City Council.

Incumbent Gary Knight and former City Councilwoman Leslie McClendon were elected Tuesday.  The five vote separation between Watts and Counts has triggered an automatic recount to determine the third place finisher.

In a news release, the City says it is following the recount procedure in state law to determine the third place winner.  The election vote is not official until it is canvassed by the current City Council.  The new Council members will take the oath of office in January.